Aluminum coloring agent

At present, Chinese  aluminum profile supplier is facing the strong impact of various kinds of substitutes such as new steel, and the reason is that the color monoto aluminum processing industryne is a main reason besides the difference of thermal insulation of aluminum. Although spraying technology can solve the problem of monotonous color, the coating spraying makes aluminum products lose their metallic luster, rough surface and high production cost. Traditional oxidation coloring - hole sealing technology and modern oxidation coloring - electrophoresis process, also because of the color drab limits the rapid development of aluminum industry, general dye cannot solve aluminum products processing light stability and thermal stability of the problem. Under the guidance of the expert group of Beijing institute of technology, the company successfully solved the Optical stability and thermal stability of aluminum dyes of the GY-RS series aluminum dyeing agent. At the same time, with the cooperation of foreign authorities, the thermal stability of the product has been successfully solved. The color of the aluminum is rich in color, the surface is bright and clean, and retains the metallic luster. This technology breakthrough the dye cannot be used in the aluminum products restricted area, for the aluminum processing industry rapid development laid a solid foundation.

Main Characteristics
1.Bright color, complete color. At present, 131 color scales (GY-RS 001- GY-RS 131) have been reached are available.
2.The bath solution is stable and easy to operate. The PH value of most dye craft is between 5.5 and 6.5, which can be used to buffer PH value with sodium acetate, stable dyeing ability and effective control of color difference.
3.Resist light and heat, maintain gloss. The series of   GY-RS aluminum stain have a strong aluminum dyes have strong resistance to ultraviolet light and thermal decomposition, ensuring that the dyed aluminum can withstand long-term sunlight. Different from overlay spraying, this series of aluminum staining agent is filled with staining, which can retain the metallic luster.
4.The cost is moderate, the market is broad. Dyeing aluminum electrolytic coloring of aluminum products cost and because the dyestuff is rich, have greatly   
expanded the aluminum market, improve the level of the electrophoresis profiles, to enhance the market competitiveness of hole sealing material, meet the electrical home appliances manufacturing, industrial materials, various requirements for decoration.
GY-RS aluminum dyeing is the intermediate process between anodic oxidation and sealing (electrophoresis), it is the result of electrical and electrical bonding. The average diameter of the dye molecules is 0.0025 mu m, and the average diameter of the micro pores of anodic oxide film is 002, and it is used to attract the dye molecules into the oxide film micropores to form the dye film.
Process parameters
1.Dyeing temperature: 55 to 65 degree centigrade.
2.Dyeing time: five to ten minutes.
3.PH value: five to six.
4.Dyeing concentration: 5+1g/L.
5.Consumption: 5g/m2
Bath solution management and control
1.Adjustment of PH value. Pay attention to the PH value change, adjust the PH value according to the process parameters, and capture the high PH value with 1:20NaOH solution; Reduce the PH value with 1:10 glacial acetic acid solution.
2.Concentration adjustment of bath solution. When the temperature and PH value are constant, the color should be maintained for longer than 2 minutes, and the stain should be added in time by 0.25g/L.
3.Maintenance of bath solution: When the bath solution is used, the impurities and precipitates of the bath solution shall be filtered by circulating pump; when the bath solution is not used, the heating should be stopped, and the bath solution should be covered to protect it, so as to avoid all kinds of acid base and impurity contamination bath solution.
4.Replacement of bath solution: When the temperature and PH value are constant, in order to maintain the gloss, 1/3 bath solution will be drained in a timely manner after each addition of more than 0.5g/L, and the water will be replenished with a 1.6-1.8g/L complementary stain.
Dyeing Equipment and Conditions
1. The dye tank is required to have the same depth and length as the oxidation groove, with a width of 0.8-1.0m and anti-corrosion of PVC material.
2. Heating equipment. It is installed in the horizontal direction of the bottom of the dye tank and consists of a coil heat exchanger and a steam generator.
3. Stir apparatus, it is composed of perforated PVC pipe and air compressor.
4. Filter apparatus, consists of perforated PVC pipe, circulating pump and filter.
5. Oxidation technology, normal oxidation must be carried out, and the thickness of the oxide film must be at 10 um.
6. Sealing hole (electrophoresis) process, sealing hole (electrophoresis) must reach the national standard.


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