The five methods to identify the quality of aluminum profiles

1. Identity check: wholesale aluminum profile and packaging are marked with product standard code and production license number, etc.

2. Surface quality: In addition to cleaning, the surface of the aluminum profile is not allowed to have defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles. It is not allowed to have corrosion spots, electric burns, black spots, and the loss of oxide film.

3. The thickness of oxide film: The oxide film of aluminum profile is formed in anodic oxidation, which has protective and decorative functions, and can be detected by eddy current thickness meter.

4. Hole sealing quality: The aluminum profile has a lot of space on the surface after anodic oxidation. If it is not closed or closed, it will reduce the corrosion resistance of the aluminum profile. The commonly used methods of sealing hole quality are acid leaching, admittance method and phosphorus butyric acid method. Acid leaching is generally used in field inspection. Clean the surface of the aluminum profile with acetone, remove the oil and dust, drop the nitric acid of 50% to the surface and gently scrub, then rinse off the nitric acid with clean water after 1 minute, then wipe dry. Drop a drop of medical purple liquid onto the surface. After 1 minute, wipe off the lotion and thoroughly clean the surface. The poor sealing of the aluminum profile will leave obvious marks, and the more the trace, the worse the quality of the sealing hole.

5. Corrosion resistance: The index mainly affects the life of aluminum profiles. Corrosion resistance tests have been performed on copper accelerated acetate fog test and drop - alkali test. Here are drops of alkali test, namely under 35 ℃ + 1 ℃, will be about 10, 100 g/mg LNaOH solution drops to the surface of aluminum extrusions, visual observation until bubbling corrosion caused droplet, calculation of the oxide film was through time. This experiment is easy to judge in the summer outdoor, and to ensure the accuracy of the test, it must be carried out under the strict conditions of the laboratory.


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